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Pros and Cons of Modular Construction

Modular has several advantages. Benefits include quality, price, speed, safety and interiors. It solves most issues resulting from conventional construction. However, it also has its disadvantages. Size and land restrictions, flexibility, financing and resale value.  In the early stages of modular, the quality was substandard however, as manufacturing processes became more streamlined, stricter quality controls …

Building Design

Transparent Aluminium, a Possible Future Construction Material?

What was once thought impossible to create (transparent aluminium) has been achieved and realised and an incredibly strong possible, future glass replacement. Aluminium Oxynitride or AION, has been produced through a very difficult process which entails pressurising aluminium oxynitride powder to 15,000 pounds per inch, in rubber moulds, submerged in hydraulic fluid. The material is …

Building Design

BIM: A Growing Trend in Construction

One new technological integration into the construction industry is proving integral in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of building projects by helping to mitigate risks and problematic situations. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a a process that creates and manages construction project information across its lifecycle via intelligent 3D model-based processes that improve the management …