Building Design

BIM: A Growing Trend in Construction

One new technological integration into the construction industry is proving integral in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of building projects by helping to mitigate risks and problematic situations. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a a process that creates and manages construction project information across its lifecycle via intelligent 3D model-based processes that improve the management of infrastructure. For those that have heard of it, there is a common misconception that is technology is only useful or used in large building architecture and construction, but it can actually be used in a large variety of sectors:

• Tunneling and subway architecture
• Offshore and marine architecture
• Architecture and building design
• Civil and structural engineering
• Urban master-planning and smart city design
• Landscape and land surveying
• Energy and utilities
• Highway and road engineering
• Rail and metro transportation engineering

There is likely several other uses for BIM but it is clear that this technology is an incredible tool for reducing time, waste and risk.