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The difference between roller shutters and sectional garage doors?

Are you having a hard time deciding on whether you should invest in roller shutters or sectional garage doors? No worries, we are here to guide you. In this article, we will take a look at the security, the designs, the mechanisms and the materials in order to shed some light on the differences between these two options.

Let us start by looking at security. Sectional garage doors are more secure due to their design and mechanism, which provide excellent lateral resistance. Most manufacturers use a cylinder locking system, providing extra security. Old roller shutters, on the other hand, are not equally secure. Many have insufficient mechanisms at the top of the curtain, making the roller shutters weak enough to be opened from the bottom.

When it comes to design, the sectional garage doors come in many designs and colors. This makes them easy to match your home. Roller shutters also come in different colors and finishes, although the alternatives available can be quite limited but this of course depends on the manufacturer. That said, with some roller doors you can choose from several laminate wood-grain finishes, which is a lovely touch for contemporary homes.

Sectional garage doors are always produced as manual doors, and they use a spring mechanism, which lifts the door panels. These springs run lengthways, following the horizontal door guide tracks. With the roller shutters, there are two main options. They can use the same spring mechanism, and be manual just like the sectional garage doors, but they can also be electric operated. It really just depends on your own preferences and whether you feel it’s more important to have an automated setup. For the slightly higher fee, you may find it’s worth it, and you won’t have to exit your vehicle until you’re safe inside your home.

Finally, we have the materials. Sectional garage doors come in both single skin and double skin panels. These panels can be made of steel, fiberglass, timbre or aluminum, and each of these options give a different feel to the doors. Roller shutters come in two different types of materials. The first alternative is foam filled double skinned aluminum slats, and the second type is continuous steel single skin curtains. That said, there are new developments in the garage door industry almost every week, and at the end of the day these are both brilliant options for garages in the UK.

It’s not exactly an easy decision to choose between the two, but even when you know exactly what type of door you require, you also need to narrow down your list of suitable manufacturers. We recommend you do your research on their products as well as their customer service, yet there are now many UK based retailers who can provide fast deliveries as well as installations, so life is a whole lot easier than it used to be when buying a new garage door.