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How do electric chain hoists work?

Today, hoisting machines are in use in many different areas. For example, in the automotive industry, they lift car doors to access the engine, or they hoist the new model cars on stage during international motor shows. In recent years electric chain hoists have often been used for this task. One reason is safety; electric …


A Guide To Using Lifting Slings

When you are lifting heavy things, you will want to ensure that you are using lifting straps. Lifting straps can do wonders for your ability to lift heavier and bulkier objects safely. In this article, we will be going over some of the keys to using lifting slings. A Guide To Using Lifting Slings: Inspect …


How to get into roofing

Consider becoming a roofer if you enjoy heights and want to work in the construction business. Roofers install, renovate, and repair roofs on the tops of buildings, as one might anticipate. With the proper training, you may specialise in being a thatcher, a slate roofer, or even a flat roofer. There is no established route …


How to Become a Roofer in the UK

If you want to work in the construction industry and have a head for heights you might want to think about becoming a roofer. Roofers work on both commercial and residential buildings including flat roofs and thatched cottages, installing and repairing.  The route to roofing doesn’t need to be complicated. As you’d expect a roofer …

Building Design

Pros and Cons of Modular Construction

Modular has several advantages. Benefits include quality, price, speed, safety and interiors. It solves most issues resulting from conventional construction. However, it also has its disadvantages. Size and land restrictions, flexibility, financing and resale value.  In the early stages of modular, the quality was substandard however, as manufacturing processes became more streamlined, stricter quality controls …