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Rainwater Harvesting – Installing The Correct Rainwater Tank

Many households make use of rainwater tanks. They are a simple way for homes to save on water bills by using the recycled water that they collect when it rains. However, while the tanks are relatively easy to use and install, it’s important to choose the right one for the house.

What Type Of Tank Should Be Used?

Rainwater tanks come in many different shapes and sizes. Each one is designed for a certain purpose and type of building, the size of roof also determines the type of tank that should be used.

Larger households will use more water on a daily basis than smaller households, and as such will require a larger rainwater tank. The number of people living in the household will also factor into how big the tank needs to be.

More people typically means a larger water tank should be used, however this is not always the case, certain people may use less water than others so this needs to be taken into consideration.