Cleaning Smoke Damage

Immediately after the unfortunate event of house fire, the major task that awaits the victim is to replace all properties that were destroyed and cleaning up everything that is left behind. There are high chances of properties that are left behind to get damaged by smoke and soot. The chemicals that were used by the firefighters can also cause damages to the properties that were not completely destroyed by fire.

Smoke and soot that travels throughout the house during house fire affects the walls, carpets, clothing, drapes as well as other personal items. Whenever you want recover and repair damaged property, you must clean the smoke as well as the soot damage from the textiles, walls, clothing as well as furniture. You must remove smoky odours as well.

Smoke Damage Repair requires the following;

  1. 1. Getting permission from fire marshals to re-enter your home safely

You must never enter a building that has been affected by fire before getting some advice from a professional who confirms that doing so is safe at that moment. The amount of time that you must take to wait before you re-enter a house that has been affected by fire is dependent on the fire’s severity as well as the measures that have been employed to put off the fire.

You must first assess the damages caused to your belongings the moment you get inside. Make decision on what you want to clean and what must be discarded

  1. 2. Allowing circulation of fresh air

Open the wall windows in order to improve ventilation. You can come along with a fan in order to speed up the airflow inside the rooms. This will assist you to clear the building of residual smoke. This will also minimize smoke odour apart from providing soot-free and fresh air for you to breath.

Run a humidifier when you have closed all the windows if you live in humid and warm climatic conditions. In such climatic conditions, several powerful fans will work for you perfectly. Change the furnace filter on a daily basis if your heat is running continuously. Do this until the filter no longer shows any soot.

  1. 3. Dry the wet items before you make an attempt to do Smoke Damage Repair

Dehumidifiers and fans will greatly assist you in doing this task. But again, if the hoses were involved in putting off the fire, hire professionals. Professionals will be in a better position to do water/fire damage combination clean-up.

Make contact with your insurance company so that you can get approved restoration contractors. Visit the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website if you want to find contractors who are trustworthy. If you make an attempt to dry the house yourself, be aware of any mildew or mould that is underneath or beneath the floors and the carpets. Moulds pose very serious health risks- they can damage the floors beyond repair.


Soot (i.e. the residue that is left behind after fire) can cause health hazard when it finds its way into the respiratory system of a human being. When soot particles find their way inside the alveoli, they can be released in the bloodstream thereby reaching other body parts. If such impurities accumulate, they can cause serious problems to human health.