How to get into roofing

Consider becoming a roofer if you enjoy heights and want to work in the construction business.

Roofers install, renovate, and repair roofs on the tops of buildings, as one might anticipate. With the proper training, you may specialise in being a thatcher, a slate roofer, or even a flat roofer.

There is no established route to becoming a roofer, and a university degree is not required. Either you need to finish a college course, complete an apprenticeship, or gain experience through on-the-job training.

For roofers, City & Guilds provides a variety of occupational courses, or an apprenticeship is a wonderful option to combine formal education with paid work experience. To find out about open apprenticeships, visit the government website.

A roofer must possess a variety of talents in addition to an understanding of the construction sector, such as attention to detail, physical fitness, numeracy, and the capacity to comprehend technical plans.