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Using Structural Glass in Construction Projects

Glass has been used on buildings for centuries. Traditionally it was used just for windows, but today it is also used for more important structural features like walls and doors. However it’s not just standard glass that is used but a special type of glass known as structural glass.

Structural glass refers to various different types of glass that are reinforced for building purposes. Structural glass is mainly used in a ‘frameless’ form, improving the visual appeal of the glass and allowing it to take some of the structural weight of a building.

Features of Structural Glass

  • It absorbs, refracts or transmits light. It can be made transparent or translucent.
  • It can be polished to a high sheen, helping to improve the visual appeal of a building.
  • Construction glass is available in various colours which can add to the aesthetics of a building.
  • Glass is an excellent electrical insulator so it can be utilised for safety reasons, especially around electrical generators and components.
  • Structural glass has excellent resistance to chemicals and can be treated to be heat resistant.