The Essential DIY Tools For Home Use

DIY jobs are made much easier with the right tools. While It is true that the specific tools used for each job come down more to personal preference, there are some tools that are just essential for DIY jobs around the home.

Allen keys

There are many things need an allen key to slacken or tighten, such as door knobs, toilet roll holders and other bathroom items. These are used for screws/bolts with a hexagonal heads.

Set of screw drivers

Definitely and essential choice, a set of 5 or 6 screwdrivers is necessary for many DIY jobs. Electricians screwdrivers are good quality and come in a pack of slotted and cross head for most screw sizes. A quality set is worth spending a bit more money on as the tips on cheaper screwdrivers tend to wear more easily.


Invaluable if there is a power cut, or whilst looking in dark corners.