Leaky Roof? Here are some Quick Fixes to Tide you Over

The weather has changed, and you find that your roof is leaking.  Here are some quick fixes to help you whilst you wait for the professionals to come.

If the leak’s location is noticeable, stretch a tarp over the roof will help prevent further rain from getting into the house.  It may not be pretty, but it will help until the roofer arrives.

Step Flashing
Step flashing is located at the intersection between the roof and the wall.  Sometimes this becomes rusted or slipped exposing the wall and creating a hole for the water to seep in. Replacing the step flashing will quickly solve this problem.

Another place that you can use step flashing to cover any holes made by satellite dishes or antenna brackets.  Another quick fix for these holes would be to fill them with caulk, although not as permanent a fix

Water can also enter the house around windows and cracks in the brickwork.  To quickly fix this, remove the old caulk and replace it with new, good-quality caulk